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Acadian Post

You Sea!

How many stones are left to tell
The tale how seasons rose and fell
And if there's one who knew it all
Could it be him that you should call

The land that lies behind the sea
Numbs your brain, you will never leave
Resurrecting both love and pain
Dreams and hope that were all in vain

Remembering a friends deeds at last
How slow the time fades and how fast
Feeling you have not lost the race
Feel an orange blew on your face

The sense of everything broke down
Tomorrow I will leave this town
The candle lights the break of day
The stones like I will have to stay

I feel not far away
From that night and from that day
I left the shores of you
Sank forever in your tune
The water underneath my boat
Will never relieve my throat
Croaking birds are all around
It took me days till I found out