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Rotes Album

see you in the west

I rode the same way this morning
Like I'd done nearly every day
The same road beneath me
It had never led me astray

Could see your house in the distance
A cloud of dust was fading fast
It headed towards the river
Like a breeze it did pass

My horse it wouldn't go nearer
Because a dead man lay on the ground
I saw your father, saw him bleeding
His life and soul were pouring out

I walked on knowing well
What had happened before you fell
Pulled you up and looked into your eyes
They had gone beyond other skies

Three men, they killed you without warning
Two men, they carried you away
One man, he finally brought you under
One girl who couldn't help but pray

I stood a long time watching
Your gravestone and your epitaph
He'd come to find a new land
But in the end he found his death

When everything was over
Night outside and I was lying in my bed
Couldn't get no sleep
Couldn't get it out of my head

Kept staring out of the window
Saw your face out in the dark
The hoofs kept pounding in my ears
I knew that they were coming back