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Halcyon Days

New Ways

Got no time to make any arrangements
Now I'm on my steady way I'll go without care
Of anyone that standing on my road who sents his wishes
His forecast for the coming year
The good-byes are already fixed and locked
Some too soon when my departure lay yet far ahead
Some were done long after they had died, they were never buried
There are funerals to come but I'll be born instead

I held them in my heart too long a time
Eventually a seed in me is risen
Got a glimpse of your life and every feeling of mine
Turned its meaning, now there's no reliving

Look back at all these ruined years once more
You only guessed at what you're knowing now
It was always sleeping on your soul, you had to dig for it
You were never really sure what you were digging for
Now you're looking on the mess you made
While you were thinking of the treasures you'll find down there
You are suddenly aware that it's too late
To put it all back there into the lair

Suddenly the paths you've used are changed
The hard road is much lighter now
The easy ways are blocked or rearranged
The tunnel you are digging is much brighter

I'm looking out for someone new to spend my dreams on
While I stumble through the summer sun
I know with every little step I'm getting nearer
Closer with every race I run
I thought I left you behind and now you're standing there