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Acadian Post

Moving Too Slow

Moving too slow
Blowing down your road
Moving too slow
A lot of miles for me to go

The road stretches out like a river
Running deep into the ground
Suppose it made you shiver
Oh, how sweet the sound
Don't you ever go near the water
It swallows your every thought
Give him another hour
For the pleasures that he brought

There's something in your eyes
I can't find when I'm on my own
All their talk turns to lies
When that lonesome look is gone
So tell me of your troubles
Speak to me like a long lost friend
It's time for you to realize
That you're heading there again

Can't you see the shadow?
Following your every step
Think about tomorrow
How much will you get?

Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Let it run all over me
Let it run all over me