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Halcyon Days

New Ways

The leaves they are a-trembling
Their colour starts to faint
Soon the wind will blow again
Leave nothing where they're hanging

My feeble feelings hardened
My voice turned low from pain
The clouds they gathered for to rain
On the day we parted

The lightning and the thunder
The rage of thousand years
Is anyone not driven down here
I began to wonder

The light changed in a minute
The leaves they fight to last
They are dead when they hit the glass
And don't care for the living

Show me one side, I'll show you the other
Show me head, I'll show you tails
Show me the wind, I'll show you sails
Show me children, I'll show you a mother

Show me weakness, I'll show you power
Show me freedom, I'll show you chains
Show me earth all soaked with rain
I'll show you a flower