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Acadian Post

Forgotten Times

I wrote your name on the wall
With my bleeding hand
In blood-stained letters, high and tall
In a lonesome land
We built a fire
To warm up the night
The forgotten tongue of my homeland
Reminds me of forgotten times

Can you hear me, can't you hear me
Can you hear me crying out your name

I'll climb that hill
Even if I have to crawl
The valley down below is cold
And I heard the call
The sun comes down on me and I cannot hide
There are no more trees
Or any feel of love in sight

We were together
Such a long time ago
It's hard for me to remember
How the times turn and grow
I can see your face deep down in me
It fills out the space
That has made me feel so free

I told you, I have never done such a thing before
For the first time, I knew I wasn't going wrong