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Halcyon Days

Dead End Street

The thoughts you gathered, they are drifting apart
You're running after every one of them
Doesn't matter if they're useless or smart
Because they are like roadsigns to your heart

The words lose their meaning when you say them too loud
But you can't talk in a whisper
When you're speaking to a crowd
They'll never realize what they're about

This is my dead end street
And I don't need you here
These are my walking feet
This is my lonesome tear

Get off of that ship, it's beating you down
You're lost on that trip, you're lost in this town
This town is haunted and haunted am I
I tried to say but I ended in a cry

That everything's lost not to be found again
Tried to walk backwards, way back to the end
Looked for a tune but I couldn't sing
Looked for a cure and found nothing

Raise your mighty voice
The ancient bodes are humming
Raise your mighty voice
The ancient poets are coming