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Rotes Album

been there

The wind blew the hair out of my face
I knew at last I had reached the place
A small dark figure there did stand
Watching the grains flowing out of his hands
I walked towards him feeling sure
That I had seen this man before
He looked as if he was deep in thoughts
Forlorn inside the oceans roar
He said I've been waiting for you so long
But now you are here I see I was wrong
He left me standing on that beach alone
Couldn't explain myself, he was gone.

She came knocking at my door at night
Cold and shivering she went inside
Rain was falling like burning coal
I lit a fire to lighten her load
I had uneasy dreams I said to her
She just smiled but didn't say a word
Then I asked her the reason for
Wandering so late and up to my door
She said it's all about my man
With whom I live since I don't know when
He left me and I feel it's wrong
That I don't care that he is gone