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Acadian Post


I asked the Lord to do me a favour
One to repay me for my labours
He sent her around it felt like a dream
I didn't get up the stairs
Didn't get up the stairs

I will never find her down here
With everybody there but nobody near
Sitting on a log with fire in the air
Hoping it will never end
Hoping it will never end

Why do you seem so frail
In endless night or darkest day
Have you found what you've been looking for
Did you come back, did you ask for more

A curse has been put on my family
A long time ago, generations before me
There's no way out, no matter what you try
Now the curse is on me
Now the curse is on me

Arise the shadows of the past
Forever and ever they will last
When all these runs into the blue
Turned out to be true
They turned out to be true

The days have grown older like the sun
But you keep standing among the young
Have you seen me talking to him
In nights so quiet calm and dim