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Acadian Post


I visited a girl
I got to know long time ago
She had a pretty home in France
And she was pretty, too
I said hi and kissed her cheek
She said hi kissed both of mine
We exchanged about what had changed
And I was feeling fine
She said let's go for a walk
It's not a far way to the sea
Liked listening to her french voice talk
Said yea, sounds good to me

A day of walk...
And the sea was reached
We stopped talking, started listening
It sounded good indeed
Reached it when the sun was setting
In that light she looked so fair
Said I'd like to stay a while
And touched her soft long hair
We stayed there for the night
Woke up, loved us, again we slept
Had not even food with us
But spent five days like that

Then I had to say goodbye
Must not be bound where I can't stay
Said ciao honey like I had said hi
And nothing else was left to say